List of Powers

The Powers are god-like beings of near limitless power – on their planes. They can still affect this world, and though they operate at but a fraction of their might they are still the most potent forces of Eulya.

The Powers function under certain rules on this plane. They are neither omniscient nor-omnipresent. They must sense this world through their worshipers and agents. Each Power rules over certain domains, or aspects of this world. In those domains they are most always more powerful than their peers. For example, the “God of Storms” could force a thunderstorm to develop even though the “Goddess of Love” opposes this action.

Powers are also limited in how much they can affect the destiny of sentient beings. If a man swears service to a Power and is faithful in that service, then the Power could manipulate events and cause this man to become very powerful and influential.

It is difficult for a Power to act directly against mortals. Though it seems a strange weakness for such powerful beings, it is simply due to the nature of the connection between this plane and theirs. This is not to say that a power cannot harm or kill mortals – they certainly can. But unless the man has acted directly against the designs of that Power, then the Power will have to act through agents. The more severe the actions againt the Power, the more severe the response.


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