Fateful War

The ancient kingdom of Eulantius was a home to Elves, Dwarves, and Men – but it was not meant to last. The Golden Ages came crashing down when the cosmic Blood War tore into this world. When the ashes settled, the elves had been driven from their home – but not for long.

An ancient human Mage, Primevus, came to the assistance of the elves. As one of the first beings of this world with the power to manipulate arcane magic, Primevus was widely respected and feared. Though they did not fully trust him, many elves so no other choice but to accept his aid.

With the powerful wizard as their ally, the elves counterattacked and took back their land. However, this was not enough. They believed that since the races were now fractured and aggressive and would always be a danger.

The elves pooled all of their resources: Their magic, their skill, their powerful smithcraft, and they built the Vesivus – an arcane artifact to destroy their enemies with apocalyptic power and horrifying efficiency.

So it was that the elves began a war of extermination on their enemies. The destruction was terrible, the bloodshed beyond imagining.

Some believe that the Powers felt responsible for these atrocities – after all it was their Blood War that contaminated this once peaceful world. Others say that they chose Mankind as their favorites and stepped in on their side. Some even say that they just enjoy inflincting pain. Probably all are true.

Despite the reasons behind their intervention, intervene they did. The Powers crushed the elven armies and sealed away the Vesivus – then they placed a curse upon the defeated elves. Broken and cursed, the elves faced a final devestation when Primevus returned to claim his payment for his aid.

The mage claimed the lifetime servitude all elvenkind. A small fraction of elves wanted to resist his claim, but most elves had been defeated in spirit by this point. Enough elves agreed to abandon their kin to appease Primevus. The anger and despair in their hearts turned their skin black as midnight and drew the color from their hair and eyes – the Dark Elves left with Primevus, never to be seen again. Those that stayed behind to rebuild their lives and fight the curse never forgave their kin who abandonded them in their most dreadful hour.

After the conclusion of the Fateful War, the elves were broken and scattered. The Dwarves retreated deep into their mountains and came to love only wealth. The Humans fell to bickering and warring amongst themselves.

Fateful War

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