Ancient Events

The Blood War and the ruin of Eulantius.
Findelye’s Quest and the death of the Demigod Manakhta.
The Powers grant a portion of their divinity to the races.
The Fateful War.
Primevus takes the Dark Elves and becomes a Demigod
Monsters and monstrous races appear

Historical Events

The Dwarves retreat to their mountain-homes and form the first Merchant-Clans.
The art of Arcane Magic begins to spread.
A starving army encounters the Shaman and found Ethasya.
Human empire of Antarnia reaches new heigths of decadance and corruption.
Antarnia fractures and collapses.
The Succession Wars.
Formation of Hibanthia and the Imperial Throne.

Recent Events

War of the Kings.
Death of Emperor Aichard Ertus – no clear heir left behind.
Hibanthia settles into a state of quasi-war: King’s plot for the throne.
Death of Bolvi Thavon – without his restraining hand Ethasya begins raiding Hibanthia.


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