First Vampire


The last ruler of Antarnia, legends say that for this hedonistic ruler no pleasure was off limits. Eventually he found that no flesh could satisfy him, that food – no matter how taboo and exotic – could not sate him, and no drugs – mundane or magical – could faze him. He began to go mad.

It is said that on a night blacker than any other, before or since, Suma-ilk murdered his entire family and court – his wives, children, and friends. It is said that he bathed in pools of their blood, drank their gore and danced among their remains. It is said that he made a dark deal with some Great Evil that night, and that is how he was twisted into a shadow of a man – the first Vampire.

Using his dark gifts, Suma-ilk began to tranform his kingdom. He decreed that only Vampyre would rule – men were at best slaves and at worst cattle to feed upon. Needless to say, despite the decadance of the Empire as a whole these proclomations were not welcome.

And so Antarnia was shattered and ruined. What had taken thousands of years to build crumbled away in less than a hundred. Wheather through war, or poverty, or ill-fortune not a single of the ancient provinces was left standing.

The vile Suma-Ilk still lives, and has made great progess towards his dream of a world ruled by darkness – he and his Vampyre nobles have built their kingdom Magova into a powerful force, and now set their sites on new prey: Hibanthia.


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