Elven Lord


Mionasaer is ancient enough to rembember the golden ages before the coming of the Blood War and the ruin of Eulantius.

His wife and and best friend Irienyel perished as a result of the Elven Curse, but not before giving birth to a duaghter – Enelyel.

During the settlement of Atlasias, the elves encountered a powerful lich – Adon. Mionasaer defeated the lich and claimed his phylactery. With his soul hostage, the lich is forced to serve Mionasaer and his house. Mionasaer knows the evil creature would escape cause great pain if it recieves the chance, but a captive lich is a powerful tool – and so is kept in its laboratory searching for a way to remove the curse of the elven people.

Mionasaer is widely respected among the elves. As one of his people’s eldest, his wisdom is often deferred to on the council.

While he has not seen battle for many hundreds of years, those elves that saw him fight recall a spendid figure atop a great silver dragon – burning a swath through his enemies.


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