Adorable Goblin Sneak


Glizz was born and raised on the mean streets of Ursis. As a lowlie goblin it was his lot in life to scrabble and scratch in order to eek out a living. As he matured, he realized that in order to thrive he would have to develop useful skills. While he could never be as strong as a giant, troll, or even orc, Glizz found he could be just as cunning, if not more so. He built connections, curried favor, and gathered secrets until he became indispensable (for a goblin).

Still, his life would have been fairly unremarkable had he not bumped into Gallok of the North. The human was lost amid a hostile people, and he reached out to Glizz for assistance. What began as a simple job grew into a partnership and a genuine friendship.

When Gallok finished his business in Ursis he returned home with a new ally – Glizz.

Glizz is close friends with Bryellia – Not only have the two spent a great deal of time together, they have often fought together. Glizz once saved Bryellia from her spurned suitor, Robert Hiley.


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