Archizon, the Eldritch Researcher, was adopted and apprenticed at the age of 8 by Rill Baktoo, a traveling Wizard, gain access to the Mentored Social Trait. Baktoo saved Archizon from an Orge who just finished eating both his parents. Archizon owes Baktoo an unpaid debt, as he saved Archizon’s life. Striving to repay this debt has led to the study of magic. The sense of purpose has engendered an unshakable resolve in me. I gained access to the Principled faith trait. Before their death Archizon’s parents were yeoman. Raktoo was a Noble, and raised Archizon as his own. Archizon’s name is worth twice his fortunes. Baktoo was also dubbed a Knight of Vanticrast. He had his own estates, titles and lands. Gain access to the influence social trait and the Rich Parents social trait. He was schooled and tutored in the Wizard Conclave, Vanticras, until he was 20 years of age. During those years he had a major conflict, where he betrayed a Kitsune spellcaster, whom he loved named Kiyayie. He left her in search for knowledge and research. Only later to find her again as a current lover. Around the same time Rill Baktoo passed away. After graduation he became a scholar of history specializing in Eulantian lore. He stayed at the Vanticras University for 20 years training multiple apprentices and exchanging research with the many other wizards. Until I discovered a single text in an ancient book describing a great and powerful Eulantian Artifact. I have a very Well-Connected Friends, from whom I continue to meet and associate with a wide variety of people in every walk of life. I gain access to the Well-Informed halfling race trait. His friends, who are actively conducting research for him in Vanticras, still keep in contact with each other regulary. There is a Human pyromancer named Kland, he studies the art of War. Erythi, an Elven Sorceress, is conducting research on the elven curse. His best friend, a human wizard named Tieravar is a scholar of the Planes. The final member of his guild is a human Summoner named Kevin who studies Demonology, divine magic and Deities. My largest drawback, however, is the future. I foresee the coming dark age and troubled times. I behave cautiously, conservatively and methodically as I plan for events that might one day occur. I gain access to the meticulous drawback.
Custom Spells - Archizon’s Hasty Research: Lvl 1. Duration 1 minute per lvl. Read at the rate of x60 or 1 page per second. Focused Hailstorm: lvl 5. Duration 1 rd/lvl & Concentrate. Range 100ft +10ft per lvl.

1d8 per 2 lvls, cold dmg per caster lvl.
Arcane Hunter: Tracks the arcane trail left behind a magical creature.

The Arch Wizard of Vanticras is … Archizon knows him and he knows of Archizon. Vanticras is hybanthian colony, however the wizard school is of a separate entity. He then he travelled the globe gathering vast knowledge of the world for another 20 years until he discovered more documentation of the grand and powerful Eulantian Artifact. For the last 5 years he has been traveling to the worlds greatest libraries to learn more information and knowledge of the Gates of Knowledge. He ended up, in Bashbarabad 18 months ago, when it become under siege 6 months later. He stopped his research and stayed to defend the townspeople from the invasion. Wen the gate keeper, gar, beauful, Lady Hive live in Bashbarabad are our allies. He also met with and organized an assault against Doomwing the deceiver with the Legendary Flint Lockwood to acquire The Foundation of the Heavens, one of 12 pieces of the Gates of Knowledge. We were asked by primevus, a Demi-God to get help from Adon, a Lich prisoner, on elf island with information on curing the elf curse. Met an Isteroth ally, who is a guard named Yahfa Al-qali, in Gelbas. Staying at the Cat and the Wolf with an Isteroth barkeep Abu Al-qali. Hames Baggee the discreet ship captain from Gelbas. Found a Ghost ship in the ocean to the west of Hybanthia, found a magic poem journal inside. We were teleported into a dream world of when the ship was in a restored condition. We were attacked by giant beetles with half-elf archer riders. Billy was decapitated by a colossal beetle tusk. The captain cursed everyone setting up a long loop in this haunt. We stopped the crew and let the captain turn his beloved into a Greater Banshee. After helping the captain he granted us leave of the island and we barely escaped with my ring of blinking, a fly spell and two bags of holding. Janet, our witch friend from 500 years in the past, was given a blue data crystal from a strange cryptic tattooed Gith found in the haunt.

Captain Vastin Shale’s story—- The Haunt
The captain had a base of operations, a hidden tower, where he conducted necromancy. There are fragments of a map inside. I have the location from the fragments.
There’s a magic servant in his tower, that assists him in his research, but I have no idea what or who it is.
Ancient Elven Runes and Symbols on a coffin—

Archizon is getting forged paperwork from Captain Hames Baggee to reach the grand Library on elf island. This is their cover to reach the Lich. He is a Librarian seeking knowledge of the world. He hopes to find works and research on Ancient Elven runes and symbols as well as any information on Eulantia. His crew is ;a humble human Druid named Baconus, a non intelligent but noble barbarian named Gallock, a snoty, uptight reincarnated Asmyr paladin named Gorlock, an exotic and fierce human warrior named Benhadad, a political and calm Half-elf Bard named emperor of Hybanthia and the newly found mysterious witch, named Janet. They will pose as his research team and hired security. Archizon keeps book ward and arcane lock on his spell books at all times. He also has retrieve item on every item if his that meets the requirements. The code word is the items name. Archizon recollects about an enemy. He quickly gathers everyone around the campfire for a tale of tales. It was a Treant that lost his best friend, a Centaur named Edwin, to some trappers. Shortly thereafter a group of trolls killed his forests druid, a woman named Liandra. Afterwards the Treant attempted to seal off his forest, killing all who entered. In doing so his forest took hundreds of lives, many which were innocent. Causing his forests roots to soak with the blood of its victims. In a rage he realized that the only way to keep his forest safe wasn’t just to kill the lumberjacks and creatures who came into his forest, but to wage war against the outlying country side. The Treants also had the help of the local fey. Archizon, intrigued by this, went to investigate and to come up with a diplomatic solution to it all, only to discover that the Forests sudden new blood stream awoke a dormant strain of adrenaline in the tree sap that when any creature in contact with the sap immediately fall under some mind-altering effect that puts a creature in a permanent rage. Archizon wanted to end the war, to help purify the trees and to bring in a new Druid. However, The Lord Treant, Mithril Bark, wanted nothing but to kill. Etlasias trading port city named Letitio. We Aquired Preceps of Balosh x4. Andras is a Balosh guide master going to the Capitol with us. We wronged him and Archizon promised to right this wrong. We were stopped at Letitio’s customs office and had all our magical belongings dumped before us. Was a blasted good time. Met a Kirin at Etlasias named Rathiel. Speaks Auran. He knew Rill Baktoo. He was on a hunt for rogue air elementals. Arrived at the Elf Capitol, Astan. The Elf Lord, Mionasaer , has the Infinity Engine, a piece of The Gates Of Knowledge. Our first plan was to Aquire the help of the Lich servant, however I believe that talking with the … Would bear better results. Today Zardon the bard emperor got the silver dragons and the red dragon involved with the Gates of Knowledge. The Matriarch is Nisl. We were told not to trust Primevus and were actually given the infinity engine by the Elves and Silver Dragons. To aid us on our quest Mionasaer gave us a +2 short sword for Zhardin, Breastplate +5 for Gallok, a suit of full plate +4 with acid resist for Gorlock, a +2 sickle for Baconus, a lot of potions (3 each) max 750. Scrolls, a lvl 4, two lvl 3 and four lvl 2. The infinity engine can power arcane magic. As of day 1 pf the infinity engine, I can cast unlimited level 1 spells. Janet got interplanetary traveled to some a Gith ship. I successfully scryed on her but the Gith turned it off. Gallok received a pendant of Anistus, a full deity, his symbol of a starburst. He is a good deity, but passive. He guides instead of direct intervention. The temple of Avanis, Gorlocks previous diety, is a large fortress. Gorlocks old mentor, trainer and friend appears here. The old paladin and another man spoke of Gorlocks separation from his last diety. They decided to hunt down Gorlock and to find out what happened. Baconus found the master Druid. She was in a glad with a Unicorn on Elf Island. Baconus decided to raise the child, which appears to grow at a rapid rate. Doomwing has the Key of life, which grants life and the Drow has the Apex, which is useless on its own. Javar, the Antonio Bandares Voice Acted Bard of Latitio, who is part of “The Handsome Devils”, gave us a 50 pp coin and knowledge of plane shift to ferry in the underworld to our location. He introduced us to Serj, a wizard in all thing planar. He provided us with the plane shift. Bolduf the storm giant king of Ursia was seiged by Doomwind. We teleported in front of the Capitols gate, flamed 300 kobolds to death instantly, slayed the salamander and fire elemental and entered the city. After talking to the two-headed ogre we slept in eir barracks under their protection to regain power. Afterwards we were led by goblin guides through the sewers to the palace of Bolduf. We fought our way t


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